Where are you from?
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Your age?
Personal accomplishments?
Cover of Transworld Snowboarding, Video Part in Standard’s “The Storming”, 1st RedBull Heavy Metal, 1st ASJ, 11 years being paid to do what I love! Traveled the world!
Roxy, Rockstar, Neff, PCMR
Salt Lake City, Utah
How long have you been doing this?
11 years
Why Snowboard?
What does your family think of this?
They are proud
What does snowboard mean to you?
It has made me into the person I am!  I am grateful for the experience and the people I have met along the way
Have you made any sacrifices in your personal life?
Yes, but it has been a great learning experience 
Have you ever been in an accident?
Hahaha, YEP!  Probably every year
Say something to Greek people here:
I would love to visit Greece one day! And for those who live in Greece Come to Utah and ride some Powder!
Vision…you wishes for the future… Im excited to have a family one day and see my kids snowboard!
some last personal words to other snowboard lovers… Do it because you love it!  Always follow your dreams and accept the changes that come along with it!

Thanks to: My Family, My Sponsors, My Husband

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